Find application by it's instrumentation key

Meant to show how to use the new Azure Cloud Shell. Unfortunately two scenarios I wanted to use it for are not that easy to implement. If you have time - go comment and upvote these two issues: azure-cli#3457 and azure-cli#3641.

Here is how you can find out the name of the application given its instrumentation key. This situation is not that rare. Especially if you have access to quite a few subscriptions and monitor many services deployed to different environments and regions. You have an instrumentation key in configuration file, but not sure where to search for telemetry.

First got to Azure Cloud Shell. It gives you bash and allows you to access all your azure resources.

Second create a file with the following content:


if [ -z "$ikeyToFind" ]; then
    echo "specify the instrumentaiton key"
echo "search for instrumentation key $1"

# this function search for the instrumentation key in a given subscription
function findIKeyInSubscription {
  echo "Switch to subscription $1"
  az account set --subscription $1

  # list all the Application Insights resources.
  # for each of them take an instrumentation key
  # and compare with one you looking for
  az resource list \
    --namespace microsoft.insights --resource-type components --query [*].[id] --out tsv \
      | while \
          read ID; \
          do  printf "$ID " && \
              az resource show --id "$ID" --query properties.InstrumentationKey --o tsv; \
        done \
      | grep "$ikeyToFind"

# run the search in every subscription...
az account list --query [*].[id] --out tsv \
    | while read OUT; do findIKeyInSubscription $OUT; done

Finally, run it: ./ ce85cf15-de20-49bb-83d7-234b5116623b

sergey@Azure:~/Sergey$ ./ ce85cf15-de20-49bb-83d7-234b5116623b
search for instrumentation key ce85cf15-de20-49bb-83d7-234b5116623b
A few accounts are skipped as they don't have 'Enabled' state. Use '--all' to display them.
Switch to subscription 5fb94e1c-7bbf-4ab8-9c51-5dda40adc12e
Switch to subscription 52f57f24-51d5-479f-a532-facd9ee907a6
Switch to subscription eec57090-02b8-48f2-b78e-a38b7a53e1ab
microsoft.insights/components/test-ai-app ce85cf15-de20-49bb-83d7-234b5116623b
Switch to subscription a8308a0b-9ee1-4548-9bbf-2b1d670e0767
The client 'Sergey@' with object id '03aa4cb5-650f-45bf-8d45-474664262685' does not have
authorization to perform action 'Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resources/read' over
scope '/subscriptions/edfd8475-8c5f-45c3-b533-a5132e8f9ada'.
Switch to subscription d6043348-75b2-41cd-ba7e-e1d317619002

The answer is: /subscriptions/c3becfa8-419b-4b30-b08b-a2865ace64bf/resourceGroups/MY-RG/providers/microsoft.insights/components/test-ai-app Better than guessing.


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