New SDK version published

The version 0.15 of Application Insights SDK was published on NuGet. Good news - this SDK reverts back API changes made in 0.14. Specifically it returns back TelemetryContext.Properties mentioned here.

More changes:

  • Couple NuGet packages were renamed to make names more descriptive:
    • PerformanceCollector package renamed to PerfCounterCollector
    • RuntimeTelemetry renamed to DependencyCollector
  • New property Operation.SyntheticSource now available on TelemetryContext. Now you can mark your telemetry items as “not a real user traffic” and specify how this traffic was generated. As an example by setting this property you can distinguish traffic from your test automation from load test traffic.
  • Application Insights Web package now detects the traffic from Availability monitoring of Application Insights and marks it with specific SyntheticSource property.
  • Channel logic was moved to the separate NuGet called Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.PersistenceChannel.


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